Budapest Design Week 2017 

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In 2017 we had the honor of designing the identity of Budapest Design Week which is the biggest design event of Hungary with a lot of conferences, presentations, workshops and networking events. The graphic designer has an opportunity to reflect on the actual theme every year, while their logo and the Pantone Warm Red color are compulsory elements to work with. We were responsible for the whole visual communication – design map, program guide, exhibition, website, social media posts, advertisements, posters, flyers, flags, merchandise products, invitation cards, etc. In 2017 the focus theme was START. As the event intends to help career starters, small and medium-sized enterprises to introduce themselves, they wanted to reflect on the opportunity that a good start can help you to win the race. Referring to these thoughts we chose a checkerboard pattern as our main element.
Graphic design and art direction: de_form
Patron and main sponsor: Hungarian Intellectual Property Office
Organizer: Hungarian Design Council
Project leader: Judit Osvárt
Project managers: Kitti Mayer, Rozina Musch
Communication: Péter Juhász
Exhibition design: árté
Pringting house: Elektroproduct Nyomdaipari Kft.
Exhibition photos: Balázs Danyi
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Budapest Design Week 2017 
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